Government Benefits


  • Earlier there were Interest and Capital subsidies under TUF schemes as MTUFS, R TUFS and RR TUFS.
  • TXC has mandated Joint Inspection Team (JIT) for Physical Verification of Plant and Machinery for further release of past and future claims subsidy under MTUFS, R TUFS and RR TUFS.
  • At present there is A-TUF scheme, in which Textile Company can get 10% capital subsidy on purchase of Plant and Machinery for New Units /expansion or Modernization.


15 % Capital Subsidy for Purchase of Plant and Machinery or Rs. 15 Lacs whichever is low for SSI units.

INCENTIVE POLICY FOR NET VAT (Government of Gujarat)

  • This policy is Published as on 25/07/2016.
  • Incentive is 70%- 90 % Refund of Net VAT paid to Government.
  • Incentive is based on 70%-100% of fixed Assets investment made after 1/1/2015.
  • Incentive based on Location of industrial unit.
  • Incentive will be given over 10 year’s period of time on Net VAT paid

MSME (Government of Gujarat)

  • 10%-15% Capital Subsidy on Loan amount disbursed for purchasing Fixed Assets
  • 5-9% Interest Subsidy on Loan Amount disbursed.

TEXTILE POLICY (Government of Gujarat)

  • Interest Subsidy @ 7% /5 %/6%.
  • Power tariff subsidy @Rs. 1 per unit
  • VAT concession is eligible for purchase of intermediate product /raw material

Core Competenccies

Favourable Terms obtained from many Banks / NBFC

In – depth study & Analysis.

Improvements in External Credit Rating Agencies with cost reduction.